Xone:DB4 FX Overview & Demonstration Loop Pack ZIP by Mark EG

Xone:DB4 FX Overview & Demonstration Loop Pack presented by Mark EG.

You can download a ZIP file containing the loops that Mark used in the FX Overview & Demonstration videos here.

Please use these loops and experiment with the FX on the Xone:DB mixers.

Most of the principles Mark demonstrates here with the Xone:DB4 also apply to the Xone:DB2.

Please share and link any examples on Sound Cloud and YouTube of how you use the Xone:DB mixer FX with your music.

About the Xone:DB Series FX

The heart of the Xone:DB4 is the powerful Quad FX Core DSP engine, enabling each channel to have its own FX bank.

There are 5 FX types (or groups). Each FX type contains many different FX variants.

Types are:

  • DLY (Delays)
  • VRB (Reverbs)
  • RES (Resonators)
  • MOD (Modulators)
  • DMG (Damage)

Each FX bank has a dedicated expression control and a rotary pot to set the wet/dry level, whilst further tweaking can be performed using the global controllers in the FX master section.

For further detailed information on the FX, please visit http://www.xone.co.uk/db4 or http://www.xone.co.uk/db2 and download the complete FX Notes.

Visit our Sound Cloud to hear Xone:DB FX mixes from DJs spanning many genres.

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