James D’ley releases 3 deck (Bass music) Xone:DB2 DJ Mix

James D’ley has released a 3 deck (Bass music) DJ Mix, powered by Xone:DB2.

“The Xone:DB2 is pretty integral in my sets these days, and nearly all of my sets and mix tapes rely on its workhorse like qualities and bespoke engineering, but as usual, I learnt loads of new techniques and tricks on this set, such is the way of the DB2 mixer; it truly is the ultimate creative pallet and operates on the level you strive for.

The input matrix channel duplicating system translated perfectly well into three decks, confirming the dual FX engines and its variable assignment to me as an absolute must in modern DJ FX mixers. 

Being able to control the amount of rate & application of an effect with hands on control – as opposed to a push of a button, and have total manipulation over what its doing is so vital for frenetic bass music.

It’s really important that you can see what you’re applying rather than just whamming out a pre-set rate that was chosen for you. 

In this mix, I make use of most of what the FX have to offer, and a lot to offer it is. Some I have used are obvious – tearing Hard Flanger with a high rate, some more subtle – a splash of reverb on the end of a phrase for added atmosphere and there are some sections that I couldn’t of done without the use of certain FX. The big trippy dubbed out transitions for example would be nothing without the Delay category Eco’s, the Modulators Rotary XO and general filtering abilities.”

EQ: Iso


Delay: Roller, Eco-FatQ , Eco-Sweep, Eco-PPong, Eco-ThinQ

Modulator: Flange hard/old/soft, Phazer, Phase V6, Phase R6, Phase D12, Rotary XO

Damage: Stutter, Bitbash, Overdrive, Distortion, Slice ‘n’ Dice

Verb: Hall480, Arena, Kickbox, NxtDoor